I don’t normally review products. But in this case, even I must dare to share one of the developments that we have been working on in Baro Vehicles for the last 5 years, and I am very excited to share this development with you.

When we started the development process of our autonomous platform, the Baro CAV platform, we encountered endless integration problems that led us to develop our own computer, the LITA. As an engineer “problem solver”, I wanted to share this product with designers who could also be facing similar challenges.

  1. Product Introduction

LITA is a small…

JETSON Nano is a powerful computer to work with robotics and Artificial intelligence.

But sometimes we need to solve small issues to work comfortable. I will be trying to compile the more important things:


  1. Looking at Vino wiki page, it seems that ~/.config/autostart/vino-server.desktop needs to be created with the following content.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Vino VNC server

2. Edit the org.gnome.Vino schema to restore the missing “enabled” parameter (copying from 16.04)

sudo vim /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.gnome.Vino.gschema.xml

Add this key:
<key name='enabled' type='b'>
<summary>Enable remote access to the desktop</summary>
If true, allows remote access to the…

The era of autonomous cars is gradually approaching, but initially not to see vehicles that we can buy at dealerships.
The first stage is a hard learning stage of all the companies that are developing autonomous vehicles that should learn to work cooperatively.

Simulating the human reaction to the steering wheel is a challenge that a single company cannot solve for more resources than it has.

Lita developed by Baro aims to collect data around the planet gradually and allowing all developers in all countries to access and share improving the safety of existing vehicles to collect new data from…

We are facing a revolutionary change that will allow us to dispense with human drivers.

Startups and companies say that with this technology we can reduce traffic accidents, but when will this happen? Possibly in 20 years.

Today, while a human driver interacted in a space where robots also drive, we will have problems and accidents.

To cross the border between the current world and the future world, it will be necessary for some country to be really a pioneer, want to become the Leader and have areas within the city where only autonomous means of mobility circulate, call PODS…

When we work with different GPS and try to evaluate different ways for the GPS to see correctly when the signal is weak, we can find algorithms to calculate the approximate position of the vehicle in space using the IMU and the vehicle speed. But this causes us to lose GPS information and possibly synchronization of the GPS TIMESTAMP with other devices such as LIDAR.
It is for this reason that the new GPS offers a more than appropriate option for the use in robotics and autonomous vehicles, a technique already used in maritime calculations. I’m studying the NEO-M8L-03A and the…

When we analyze the so-called “Artificial Intelligence” systems, specifically those of image recognition, we actually find a probabilistic system that is based on the comparison of the image with a data set produced from a model that reduces the resolution of the images as if it were the vision of a person with visual abilities diminished to 60%, where he sees shadows. But those few shadows help the system to identify in a 90–99% many of the objects that it tries to classify.

This allows a quick algebraic comparison based on simple operations and through activation functions results in a…

There is a lot of talk about autonomous vehicles.
For sure, implementation in the real world is complex.
Possibly the technological barrier could be solved, with a few million more perceptrons, in our algorithms and greater calculation capacity to foresee all the cases that arise in the real world.

But there are more complex issues, such as the credibility in the security of these systems by society.

For this reason, the incorporation of autonomous vehicles to common use should be incorporated gradually, so that people learn to trust and that these robots are part of everyday life.

Recently I was…

Gabriel Giani Moreno

Self-Driving / Connected and Autonomous Vehicles R&D Project Engineer

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